About Sögin 

Sögin is a specialized company in production of high quality products from solid hardwoods and high quality pines. The company imports raw materials directly for its production from selected suppliers in Europe and America. Sögin is one of the largest importers of hardwoods in Iceland and manufactures annually large amount of different kinds of moldings, wall claddings, specialty flooring, stair noises, handrails, etc. The company began operations just before the Second World War but was formally founded in 1941 and is one of the oldest woodworking companies in Iceland operating for over 70 years. Sögin is selling its products to local retail chains, wood flooring shops, installers, contractors and individuals around Iceland.

Through the decades employees of Sogin have worked on many different highly challenging projects in very well known buildings within Iceland. The last major project Sögin finished was construction of solid hardwood wall claddings for two concert and conference halls in the new concert hall named Harpa being built in the Reykjavík harbor. Pictures of the house can be seen under “Verkin okkar” on this web.   

The company is today a family owned company but its majority is owned by Gunnlaugur Stefansson CEO of Sögin and the company Trésmiðjan Rein in Reykjahverfi in North East of Iceland.  Since 1999 manufacturing has been carried out in Reykjahverfi in North of Iceland but the sales department has been for long time in Reykjavik. Sögin sales office and showroom are located centrally in the capital area at Smiðjuvegi 16 (raud gata). 

Contact information for Sögin is the following;

Sögin ehf.

Smidjuvegi 16 (raud gata)

IS-200 Kópavogi


Tel. +354 544 5200

Fax. + 354 544 5201

E-mail: sogin@sogin.is